Sunday morning I was surfing around the web on wikipedia. Reading the history of Microsoft Windows I got to know that Microsoft had released Windows FLP for very low spec PCs in 2006. I immediately asked people about this and got to know that my friend had the original CD. 

I downloaded Virtual PC 2007 on my newly installed Windows 7. Made a VM with 20GB HDD and 128 MB RAM and started installing Windows FLP. Main difference I saw that the setup uses WinPE for installation with an installation image just like Vista and 7. The installation took about an half an hour. Now that's fast for a VM.

After installation, I configured the drivers of the VM. And the experiance was as good as actually working on a computer with Windows FLP installed. It wasn't slow and till now it has not hanged. It is quite good and can play all games (although I haven't tried Direct3D games since the VM does not support it.) It include Directx 9.0c which I think is enough for all Direct3D games.

My current Desktop of WinFLP

Hi. This is my first post on this blog!!